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Our Austrian partner, SATTLER-PROTEX manufactures a wide range of materials specifically designed for the demands of outdoor applications use such as Industrial Warehouse, Exhibitions Hangers, Marquees, Aluminium Tents, Sport Halls and also Circus Tents.

Fabrics for halls and tents, tensile structures as well as sun and weather protection.

For more than 145 years, the Sattler Group has been manufacturing outdoor textiles which protect humans and goods against weathering. Tents and tensile constructions are lightweight and versatile structures that include both temporary and retractable applications, used for protection and for industrial or commercial purposes.

The fields of application of the product line “HALLS & TENTS” range from classic event tents, through to sport halls and industrial warehouses, and on to applications for sun protection and circus tents.

With this product line, we offer a wide range of high-quality, flexible and innovative PVC-coated fabrics, developed to meet the technical requirements of a broad array of applications.


Applications in the field of HALLS AND TENTS

Industrial warehouses

Industrial warehouses offer a highly efficient, weatherproof storage or work space. Self-supporting structures made of metal and membrane span over large areas without the need of annoying pillars, for maximum use of space. Compared to conventional buildings, membrane halls only need minimal foundations, and can be dismantled and rebuilt if needed.

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Hangers and Tents


Aircraft hangars require large, self-supporting structures that provide weatherproof shelter to the largest aircraft.
Compared to traditional building materials, structures consisting of steel tension assemblies and coated membrane allow maximum spans and highest Efficiency.

Air-supported halls

A SATTLER PRO-TEX membrane and sheer air – indeed nothing more is necessary to protect huge areas from wind and weather!
Football and tennis courts can be used also in winter thanks to air-inflated halls. In summer, the halls can be dismantled and outdoor sports can be pursued again. Modern air domes are composed of two or more layers of tensile fabrics. We offer both special inner and outer membranes.
The sturdy outer membranes serve as weather protection and take over static functions. The inner membranes are used for thermal insulation and condensation water drainage. A lightweight fabric and an optimal light transmission are the core requirements for coated membranes used in this sector

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Storage halls

Simply more room! Arched halls are cost-effective and popular buildings.
The spans can be impressive. The geometry of the self-supporting arched roofs creates high ceilings for maximum use of space. The lightweight and yet resistant translucent membrane roofs by SATTLER PRO-TEX increase the amount of sunlight shining in the building, creating bright interiors and reducing the need for artificial lightning during daylight hours, thus lowering operational costs.

Exhibitions Tents

Our fabrics are widely used in EXHIBITION TENT APPLICATION . The superior quality and lacquer of the fabric reduces heat transmission and is highly customizable for Event Tents, Marquee tents, Circus & Party Tents.

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