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Membranes for tensile architecture.

Tensile membrane structure and roof fabric structures are manufacturers, suppliers and exporters erected in workshops and subsequently transported to their final destinations in large containers. These are composed of multiple sections or modules, that are assembled together to form a complete structure. These structures can be used for various applications, at both commercial and residential settings.


A tensile membrane structure is a construction of elements carrying only tension and no compression or bending. Tensile architecture is the modern technique in which the architectural tensile membranes structure bring curvature,translucency, to cover clear and very large spans in interior and exterior environments, Its lightweight and daylight is unmatched by any other building technique.

The membrane beautifully forms both the structure and the skin of the building envelope and acts with maximum efficiency by achieving a three dimensional surface under constant tension.

B&V Membranes has been one of the Industry leader in Supplying the fabric for Tensile Membrane Structure in India & provides fabric Specially Imported From SATTLER – PROTEX Located in Austria

Tensile membranes comply with the most demanding quality standards. Very interesting architectonic applications become feasible thanks to the membranes’ high degree of flexibility, UV resistance and resistance to weather as well as their translucency especially in the case of light colours. Long experience in this field assures successful projects.


A tensile membrane structure is a construction of elements having only tension of no compression or bending. Tensile architecture is known as the best modern technique where the architectural tensile membranes structure brings curvature and translucency paving way for natural light and enhance the interior as well as exterior environments. The awnings membrane structure is lightweight and it absolutely looks flawless with even mammoth structural joints. It is a unique building technique that is far different from the usual techniques followed by others in this industry.

The membrane beautifully forms an envelope for both the structure and the skin of the building, providing maximum efficiency by achieving a three-dimensional surface under constant tension. B&V Membranes has been one of the industry leaders in supplying the fabric for tensile membrane structures in India & it provides awning fabrics that are especially imported from SATTLER – PROTEX located in Austria.


How fabric structures benefit industries?

Tensile fabric structures are one of the most preferred options for covering huge open areas, apart from these they are also used for different kinds of construction needs.

  •  Good lightening system – The tensile membrane structure provides a better light transmission across the entire area that is covered. It provides a practical yet affordable option for industries for temporary or permanent structures.

  •  Translucent fabric – The light transmission through these structures provides enough illumination across the entire area that is covered.

  •  Easy on maintenance – Some materials that are used for construction offer very little support when it comes to keeping the canopy spic and span. With PVC structures, it becomes extremely easy to keep them clean and neat.

  • Lightweight structure – The fabric has good amount of tensile strength and thus it provides good supportive framework for making the efficient use of the entire system. They are also the best options for temporary construction.

  • Canopy advantage – The tensile membrane is the best option for building an entrance canopy, it provides a good safety zone for the people who are leaving or entering the building.

  • Provides good focus of attention – The tensile canopy structures give a good structural advantage, they look extremely unique and visually they look very appealing when seen from the distance.


Tensile membranes have complied only with the most required demanding quality standards. The complex architectonic applications become extremely feasible due to the membranes’ high degree of flexibility and UV resistance. The membrane also possesses a high level of resistance to extreme weather conditions. We possess experience for the last several years giving us the skilled intellect to gauge what is the best option to give successful projects

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Customized Tensile Membrane
Tensile Membrane


  1. Durable – Long life
  2. Light Weight with great aesthetics
  3. Flame & UV resistant, High abrasion resistant
  4. PVDF lacquering to prevent natural and industrial dirt from settling
  5. Aggressive dirt can be cleaned with normal detergent soap and water
  6. Covers large area without Support
  7. Ease of Fabrication : Perfect Weldability
  8. Quick Installation
  9. Ease of Maintenance
  10. 100% Recyclable