Tipper Covers

Truck and Tipper Covers Protecting Cargo and Business

B&V Membranes, a leading producer of truck cover tarpaulin and curtains, has been providing original PVC-coated fabric structures for full-sized rigid commercial vehicles for five years. They use SATTLER-PROTEX material.COMPLAN has been the quality standard for truck tarpaulins for nearly 50 years, using high-quality raw materials and ensuring functionality, endurance, and processability. The embossed seal guarantees quality. POLYPLAN Classic is the standard tarpaulin in the SATTLER PRO-TEX range, offering excellent product specifications, tensile strength, and a stylish appearance.Truck and tipper covers are crucial for ensuring cargo safety during transit, protecting business interests and valuable cargo.

Tipper Covers

Why Truck and Tipper Covers are Essential for Cargo Protection

Weather protection

Truck and tipper covers protect cargo from weather conditions, preventing water seepage and elements, ensuring safe transit and protection during transit.

Preventing damage

Cargo exposed to debris, dust, and rocks during transportation requires proper covers to prevent scratches, dents, and damage.

Preventing Security and Thef

Cargo theft is a major concern in transportation; secure truck and tipper covers deter unauthorized access, reducing risk.

Branding and professionalism are essential aspects of success

Customize truck and tipper covers with company logo and branding for a professional, trustworthy image in transportation.

Maintaining high-quality products

Truck and tipper covers ensure optimal environmental conditions for perishable or delicate cargo, protecting them from external factors.

B&V Membranes is a leading producer of truck covers, trapaulins, and curtains for protecting goods during transport. We offer high-quality tarps like COMPLAN membranes by SATTLER PRO-TEX, POLYPLAN, and COMPLAN lorry covers. We also offer certified flame-retardant tarps for vehicles transporting dangerous goods. Tarpaulins also serve as business cards and digital printing tarps. SATTLER PRO-TEX offers sliding roof tarps for loading bulky goods, while side-curtain systems offer time savings and load securing. COMPLAN Food P-FREE is designed for truck tarpaulins, ensuring no undesirable substances are transferred from the plastic to the transported food.

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