AREA: 45,000 SQ FT

•When Scafbock Design + workshop was presented with an exciting opportunity to develop a sports facility at TRP MALL AHEMDBAD  – the priorities were functionality, safety, durability, climate protection and an aesthetic that blended into the mountainside.

•The ATLAS RANGE  of membranes from SATTLER PROTEX was therefore the ideal roof choice for this MALL Area, which spans an area of 50,000 sq ft!

The roof was innovatively designed to handle & shelter against the heavy rainfall that the region experiences.

•The execution of the project came with its challenges – given the altitude, rainfall and the structural requirement of the project. However, the completed project proved to be a delight to the management & mall Visitor.

• Scafbock’s expertise, combined with SATTLER PROTEX  high-performance ATLAS  Membrane Roofing Solution, turned this challenging project into a landmark that is both functional as well as aesthetic.

•SATTLER PROTEX  is privileged to have received the chance to contribute to this beautifully designed, high-impact, and environment-friendly project.

TRP MALL AHEMDBAD is designed, high-impact, and environment-friendly project.

The TRP Mall in Ahmedabad is a thoughtfully designed project that combines aesthetic appeal with functionality. It is characterized by its high-impact features, ensuring a lasting impression on visitors and users alike. Additionally, the project takes pride in its commitment to environmental sustainability, incorporating eco-friendly elements to minimize its ecological footprint. The integration of design, functionality, and environmental consciousness makes TRP Mall a unique and forward-thinking development in Ahmedabad.The architectural prowess of TRP Mall in Ahmedabad is evident in its well-planned layout and attention to detail. The design not only aims for visual appeal but also focuses on creating a seamless and enjoyable experience for patrons. The high-impact features are strategically implemented to captivate and engage visitors, making their time at the mall memorable.Moreover, the emphasis on environmental-friendliness is a commendable aspect of the project. From energy-efficient systems to sustainable materials, TRP Mall demonstrates a commitment to reducing its environmental impact. This not only aligns with global sustainability goals but also reflects a responsible approach to development within the local community.