Best Badminton Court Roofing Shed

Tao devilal Stadium Mohali

  • When Scafbock Design + workshop was presented with an exciting opportunity to develop a sports facility at Tao devilal Stadium Mohali – the priorities were functionality, safety, durability, climate protection and an aesthetic that blended into the mountainside.
  • The ATLAS RANGE of membranes from SATTLER PROTEX were therefore the ideal roof choice for this MALL Area, which spans an area of 50,000 sq ft!

  • The roof was innovatively designed to handle & shelter against the heavy rainfall that the region experiences.
  • The execution of the project came with its challenges – given the altitude, rainfall and the structural requirement of the project. However, the completed project proved to be a delight to the management & mall Vistor .
  • Scafbock expertise, combined with SATTLER PROTEX high-performance ATLAS  Membrane Roofing Solution, turned this challenging project into a landmark that is both functional as well as aesthetic.
  • SATTLER PROTEX is privileged to have received the chance to contribute to this beautifully designed, high-impact, and environment-friendly project.
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