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Our Oil Booms ensures complete cross vulcanization of the composite materials resulting in a finished product with high abrasion resistance, peel resistance and tensile strength. Our Oil booms are designed for compact storage and quick deployment.

Oil booms are a floating barrier which is used for concentrating oil so that it is thick enough to be skimmed, keeping oil out of sensitive areas or for diverting oil into collective areas.

The high visibility bright-coloured fabrics greatly assist mariners and vessel operators to avoid a potential navigational hazard. Other structural attributes like corrosion resistant, dimensionally accurate, long service life, reliable and sturdy construction add strength to its manufacturing quality. Oil booms reduce the possibility of pollution on shorelines, oceans or rivers, by collecting the spilled oil in the tick surface layer allowing for an easy recovery.

Swimming pools need valuable – and yet in many regions already expensive water. The cleaner the water, the less frequent it must be changed.
Swimming pool covers reduce dirt and algae growth, minimizes the heat loss during nighttime and can also serve as safety cover. SATTLER PRO-TEX coated membranes are extremely resistant against chlorinated swimming-pool water.