For Roll Up Doors, Fabric Doors and Rapid Doors

We supply SIOEN Belgium – Performance Membranes for such High Demanding Application of High-Speed Roll Doors. These Membranes are further Engineered on European Machines at our State of Art factory at Mumbai. These Roll Door Curtains can be made available in various colors & can be manufactured with windows for greater brightness in the rooms. We have well defined parameters to ensure their flawlessness before dispatch.


Due to their high performance and long life, Inflatable boats made in our specialised PVC Coated Membranes can be used in the navy, for patrolling or as tenders for larger ships.

Inflatable boats are often used by special operations units of the armed forces for purposes such as landing on beaches, diving and rescue operations as we provide Belgium’s best fabric with most advanced cutting and welding equipment ensuring great flexibility in design and high durability.

They are appreciated in the market for their features such as :

  • High durability
  • Weather resistant
  • Flexibility in design


Low Weight

Inflatable boats are extremely light-weighted, especially those roll-up types. Some inflatable boats are no more than 45kg, which can be carried by one man. Lightweight also makes inflatable boats more maneuverable.

Easy to transport and manoeuvre

The decreased weight of inflatable boats makes them extremely responsive and easy to manoeuvre, especially when running with an empty load. Combined with the protection from their inflatable siding, Inflatable Boats are excellent to maneuver in tight spaces and around other boats because they’re so responsive and precise.


Because of their lightweight construction and compatibility with more powerful motors, IBs are extremely fast. For rescue and military operations, every second is precious. If your work requires a vessel that can get you to where you need to be as quick and safely as possible, look no further than rigid inflatable boats.


These boats can be deflated and folded into smaller sizes that make them fit in small and tight places and also make them easy to use and mobile. Other than search & rescue operations, these boats are also used in the transportation of men and material and diving operations.


Inflatable boats are used by

  • Geophysical industry.
  • Oil spill recovery units.
  • Offshore sectors.
  • Rescue squads.
  • Salvage and diving companies.
  • Research and survey groups.
  • Government operations-especially for patrol and research