Flexible biogas domes and membranes for water storage systems

B&V Membranes, part of BV AGRO, has been manufacturing membrane structures, tents, and truck side curtains since 1988. we are authorized distributors of SATTLER PROTEX and specialize in HDPE architectural mesh for shade structures and sails. Austrian partner SATTLER-PROTEX manufactures bio-gas covers and coated membranes for biogas domes storage and roofs for emission reduction. Their MLCs offer low biogas permeability, high chemical resistance, weathering resistance, and long lifespan.

SATTLER PROEX biogas membranes for applications

Landfill biogas recovery

Landfills produce methane, a greenhouse gas; SATTLER PRO-TEX membranes capture and utilize it in landfill gas recovery projects.

Anaerobic digestion facilities for wastewater treatment

SATTLER PRO-TEX membranes optimize biogas storage and management in anaerobic digestion facilities for sustainable waste conversion.

Wastewater treatment plants.

SATTLER PRO-TEX membranes capture biogas in wastewater treatment plants, reducing emissions and providing energy.

Agricultural biogas projects

SATTLER PRO-TEX membranes convert organic waste into biogas, generating renewable energy and reducing environmental impact in agricultural biogas projects.

Off-grid energy supply

SATTLER PRO-TEX biogas membranes enable off-grid biogas systems for clean, sustainable energy solutions in remote areas.

Industrial applications

SATTLER PRO-TEX membranes aid organic waste industries in capturing biogas for energy production, reducing environmental impact and supporting sustainable practices.

B&V Membranes is an Indian distributor of SATTLER PROTEX and manufacturer of side curtains and HDPE architectural mesh.SATTLER PRO-TEX biogas domes membranes provide low biogas permeability, high resistance to aggressive substances, excellent weathering resistance, and long lifespan. They are easily recognizable and come in different tensile strengths and flame-retardant finishes. SATTLER PRO-TEX’s “anti-browning” feature reduces brownish discoloration in biogas domes plants. Flexible tanks ensure quick supply and transport of clean drinking water, and they are certified according to the German drinking water ordinance.

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