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Cost Effective, High Quality and Space Efficient Flexi Tanks

B & V Membranes Pvt Ltd is involved in designing, manufacturing and supplying Technological Solutions for storage and transportation of liquids. We are involved in mass production of Tanks of new generation using PolyVinyl Chloride (PVC). PVC tanks are manufactured from a coated fabric which gives exceptional dimensional stability. FlexiTanks are versatile enough to carry various types of liquids and thus serves the needs of different industries.


Our Flexible Tanks at B & v membrane  give you a wide range of opportunities which are very easy and quick to install, indoors as well as outdoors. They are an alternative to Drums, Intermediate Bulk Carriers (IBCs) and ISO containers and are almost maintenance free. .

They cost less, weigh less and allow you to take advantage of economies-of-scale. They are recyclable and compliant with global major health and safety regulations. Depending on the tank contents, we choose the most suitable European make high-quality technical textile for you. In most cases- a Type II- 900 GSM- PVC Coated Fabrics (abrasion and UV resistant) is used. There is even the possibility to connect additional pumps, flow meters or pipework to your tank.

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Our cost-effective, high-quality, and space-efficient Flexi Tanks are the ideal choice not only for shipping non-hazardous chemicals but also food-grade liquid products.
  • Makes packaging and logistics extremely affordable

  • Flexi Tanks are made using PVC to ensure supreme safety, strength and durability

  • Offers high stretch and energy absorption capacity

  • Flexi Tanks can be easily disposed or recycled.

  • In the same 20-feet container, Flexi Tanks can load 40% more product, compared to loading in drums, resulting in significant savings in freight.

  • Reduced handling, packing and material management costs 

  • As a reliable Flexi Tanks manufacturer,  embraces the most advanced technology that ensures supreme quality.
  • Is lighter, occupies lesser volume and is convenient to transport.

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Our FlexiTanks can hold between 5000 to 2,00,000 litres of various liquids like potable water, juice, wine, oil, diesel, food-grade liquid, fire water and slurry. Our tanks can be used for all sorts of things in industries, agricultural matters, public works and communities or even in household.


The quality-tested Flexi Tanks have exceptional mechanical and elongation properties under stress to deliver excellent performance even in the most demanding of environments.
  1. Vacuum pack, no oxidation.
  2. Low Weight & Cost
  3. Easy to transport
  4. Made from durable, long lasting fabric that is fully welded to ensure maximum strength
  5. Completely enclosed limiting contamination or spillage
  6. Ideal for temporary storage of liquids or to transport fluid easily and safely
  7. Fully repairable with each product accompanied by a DIY repair kit