Awning Membranes Supplier in Ghansoli

B&V Membranes has been one of the industry leaders in pagoda fabrics, german hanger and aluminum Hanger. We are the suppliers and pagoda fabric manufacturers that are used for building different structures. B&V specializes in material fabrics used for tents, we are the suppliers’ across the PAN India level. The fabric that we provide is of the finest quality that is directly imported from SATTLER – PROTEX located in Austria.Our fabric is strongly knitted with one monofilament and two type yarns for dimensional stability and tear resistance. We offer supreme quality dual side PVC coated fabrics for a variety of textile options with coating weights starting from 600 GSM up to 1150 GSM. Our polymer scientists continue to innovate while trying to achieve the best balance of weather resistance and durability.

Awing, Canopies, Car Parking Shades

Membranes for Awnings

Incorporating awnings into a building design extends the usable space around the exterior of a building. The lightweight nature of tensile membranes offers superior strength and stability when used in cantilever awning applications.Custom membrane awnings can incorporate different geometries for aesthetic appeal and make use of alternate translucency fabrics to provide different levels of light transmission into a building. used membrane awnings to great effect to provide shade and weather protection to hotels, restaurants, cafes, schools, universities, and commercial buildings.Making use of the latest tensile membrane technology, adding a fabric facade is a way to add an artistic and energy efficient feature to building.A sustainable way to cool a building, the translucent properties offered by lightweight membranes can reflect or absorb most solar energy, allowing natural light in, while minimising the influx of heat.Buildings such stadiums, which require large, lightweight structures and eye-catching and exciting exteriors are perfect for architectural fabric or ETFE foil facades.Creating beautiful buildings out of functional public spaces, concrete carparks and warehouses can benefit from fabric facades as an economical alternative to conventional cladding.Adding a fabric facade to the underside of a bridge (soffit) helps enclose unsightly drainage and support beams, while also providing excellence sound absorption, helping to create more pedestrian-friendly overpasses